New Siding Installation

Siding: The Face Of Your Home

Give your home a fresh look and increase your curb appeal with new siding installation. With easy-to-maintain options and a variety of styles, new siding makes an impact.

Siding for house in Marlborough MA.

What To Consider For Your Siding

We’re here to answer any questions you have and walk you through your siding project, but to get you started, here are some key factors to think about.


Your siding installation should be consistent with the style of your home – cedar shingles are perfect for a classic cape, but on a colonial-style home, clapboards create the traditional aesthetic.


Natural wood siding and vinyl siding both come in various styles to suit your preference. Natural wood is traditionally beautiful, while vinyl attractively recreates the look of wood while being more cost-effective.


Consider your lifestyle when choosing the right siding – vinyl siding requires only periodic power washing, but wood clapboards will require painting or staining to maintain.


With seemingly endless color options, whether you choose to go traditional, neutral, or bold, keep in mind the palette of colors in the other areas of your home, yard, and even your neighborhood.