Timeless Design, Quality Construction And Sustainability

We are proud to say that our clients return to us when they have a new construction project. And we’re proud our business has grown from word of mouth recommendations. We are pretty sure it’s because we insist on quality construction and pay attention to details in design that ensure lasting beauty.

We are also proudly committed to sustainability. We strive to reduce to zero or better the net impact of our building practices on the environment. And we offer net zero homes and deep energy retrofits to help others reduce their impact on the environment. See our Mission Statement.

Our Work Runs Deep

Michael Casaceli.

Mike Casaceli

Michael is the founder and President of Casaceli Construction.  While he earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of Lowell he worked with a local home builder.  In 1985 he founded Casaceli Construction and built his first home, an ‘expandable’ cape.  Since then he has completed many houses and hundreds of remodeling projects, including an ultra-efficient Net Zero Energy Home in 2015.

Michael has a passion for building and carpentry and is involved on projects from sales to completion.  He and his wife Nancy enjoy traveling and kayaking.  He also enjoys camping and fishing with his daughters at Nickerson State Park.

What You Can Expect From Us

We treat your project with the same attention and care we would our own house.

  • Your vision of your project is our concern
  • Your life is impacted as little as possible
  • We created quality construction with attention to detail
  • We design and build with attention to detail
  • We are properly licensed and insured
  • We pull the proper permits on time and know when they are needed
  • We use quality materials
  • We use sustainable materials wherever possible
  • The site is left clean and ready for you to use

Our Mission

Our aim is to build projects of architectural integrity, affordability and sustainability.  We will strive to reduce to zero or better the net impact of our building practices and the operational and input costs to the environment of the buildings we construct and remodel.  We remain dedicated to bringing the very best building and remodeling experience to our clients.

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